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Featured sponsors

Chris Talbott

producer, director, screenwriter, and playwright-er

Production adviser.

Chris is known for his work on (award winning) Deep Run as well as many other projects.

Learn more about Chris Talbott on his website at

A special thanks goes to

The First Congregational Church

of Rockaway Beach for providing us with the space to have our classes.

Thanks to The Dollar Stretcher for bring "TDS DIYer" to over 14k people world wide. 

Thanks to Rockaways Handyman for providing tools and supplies for the classes.

Sponsors needed

Help keep The DIYer classes for the people of the community.

By sponsoring our classes, you help the people of the community to learn to do everything from minor home repairs to quality crafts.

By teaching people to do these minor repairs and quality crafts for themselves, we will enrich their lives. The people who can't afford to hire someone to do home repairs, will be able to get their home repairs done. People who can hire someone will get a therapeutic benefit by learning and doing things for themselves.

To help buy supplies and cover expenses, click here to donate online

Each class will be recorded for YouTube and our sponsors will be acknowledged at the beginning and end of each video. Companies such as RyobI, Black & Decker (just using names, we have no company sponsors as of yet) that wish to sponsor a class by donating tools. There tools will be featured in the videos and refereed to during the video. The same will apply to hardware stores, lumber yards, etc that help with tools or materials.

Note: I am not registered as a non-profit service, so donations and sponsorship's are not tax deductible. With every class being recorded and posted to YouTube, you will see where your donations are going. In return for your donations and/or sponsorship's we will be marketing your products/business' through my articles, our videos, this website and the people of the community.

Sponsors listings for this page:

1- Business' or Individuals who commit sponsoring our classes in an ongoing way will be listed in the "Featured Sponsors" to the right.

2- Business' sponsoring our classes with donations of $100.00 or more will be listed in the "Sponsors" section below.

3- Individuals donating $50.00 or more will be listed in our special thanks area below.

If your interested in donating or becoming a sponsor, please email me at

Thank you in advance for your support.

Artie Wallace

Our sponsors

Special thanks to all those that donated to help keep these classes free for the people of the community

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